Step 1. Click on the Quality Management Tab at the top of the screen

Step 2. Select the Workflow Manager from the drop-down list

Step 3. If the user requires access to this area, it can be granted via an admin user

Step 4. Select ‘Add New Template’ (A template will only need to be created once. It can then be used for multiple projects)

Step 5. Click ‘add new template’  

Step 6. A new window will open, add all template detail

Step 6.1.      Sites (s)

Step 6.2.      Management site & Approver

    Step 6.2.1. There can only be one management site

    Step 6.2.2. If no approver has been set up for the specific site, as admin can set them up via the below icon

    Step 6.2.3. The management site and approver will be responsible for approving the template

Step 7. Template Title

Step 8. Description

Step 9. Is product Workflow – Yes

Step 10. Choose product type for a drop-down list

Step 11. Choose product sub type from a drop-down list  

Step 12. Select template notification types (email notification):

Step 13. Assign completed workflow approver

    Step 13.1. The completed workflow approver will review the fully completed project workflow and provide final approval

Step 14. Save/Save & Exit


Red lines or asterisk * denote a field is mandatory

The icon can provide more information if the user hovers over the icon