Step 1.  At the top of the page move across to the ‘Template Steps’ tab

Step 2.  To begin the step building process, select add new step

Step 3. A new dialogue box will open, add all info for this specific step: 

- Name


-Step Type

-Form – this option will allow the user to build internal customised forms for completion

-Linked tool – this option will create a connection between the workflow tool and other tools within foods connected

-Add hours to complete and approve the step (The workflow assumes the working hours are 9-5 Mon to Friday)

-Is this step internal Yes/No

-Add external completers outside your business to complete and/or approve the step. They will only be able to see the information on that step. Users can be assigned when building the template or they can be assigned per each workflow if these external users will be different for each project

-Approval type: Any selected user or all selected user. 

-If selecting more than one approver, this will determine if you need just one of the users to approve the step or if you require all of the assigned users to approve the step. 

-Save step detail

-Steps can also be duplicated by selecting the relevant steps and clicking ‘Duplicate Step’

Step 4. Step details are displayed as per the below image

Step 5. Prerequisites can be added by selecting the + icon

- Choose prerequisite step and if approval is required

Step 6. Assign step approvers & completers (if required) by clicking on the wording ‘group’

-The number adjacent to the site name denotes the number of approvers/completes  assigned from that site

-Primary Users email notifications will be sent to these users and if set as secondary these users will not receive an email notification. 

Step 7. Notifications can be edited (added/removed) by clicking on any of the notifications