Step 1.    To begin building the form for a step select the edit icon and select edit form

Step 2.    Select ‘Add New’ section to open a new dialogue box.

Step 3.   Add section detail

Step 3.1. Section name

Step 3.2. Parent section will only be suitable where this is more than one section in the form (it will be a sub-section of the selected section/parent)

Step 3.3. Page break (If yes, after this section the user will be moved to a new page)

Step 3.4. Expand/Collapse will hide section detail is turned on

Step 3.5. Add field label’s

Step 3.5.1. This will be the question the step completer will be answering

Step 3.5.2. Fields labels can be marked as required (mandatory) 

Step 3.6. Select fields type

Step 3.6.1 Field type will determine how the completer will answer the question (text field, date, numeric, dropdown)

Step 3.6.2. There are numerous drop-down options available (these are explained in detail in the appendix section) Once all your data has been added to this section select ‘add section’

Step 4. Repeat above steps to ensure all sections & fields are added to the step. Repeat for each step.

Step 5. From the 2nd step onwards only, the template can now be built allowing data to be linked from an earlier question in the form. This is done by selecting add ‘External Field’. The user must then identify the previous step that the information must come from.  This will then be saved and will become evident when a new workflow has been created.