Step 1. The dark grey headings are sections

Step 2. The light grey sections are fields

Step 3. Sections/ Fields can be reordered within a form

Step 4. Sections / Fields can be duplicated for quick form building

    Step 4.1. Duplicate the section with its fields or duplicate the fields only

    Step 4.2. If conditions have been added to a field these can also be duplicated

Step 5. There is a quick add option for fields within a section

Step 6. Sections or fields can be updated/deleted 

Step 7. It will allow the user to:

Step 7.1. Amend field name

Step 7.2. Move the field to a different section

Step 7.3. Change the type of field

Step 7.4. Adding help text/image

Step 7.5. Mark the fields as required/visible/condition based

Step 7.5.1. Adding a condition will set fields as optional, mandatory, or conditional mandatory based on an answer to a previous question

Step 7.6. Delete the field/section