Step 1. The user must select back to move to the template list or alternatively select quality management tab and workflow manager to open the list of templates which have been created

Step 2. A green icon will be visible asking the user to approve the template

Step 2.1. The user who is assigned as the template approver will be required to do this (the name will appear if hovered over)

Step 3. One the template has been approved it is now locked for editing and ready for use

Step 4. If further editing or amends are required a new version can be created. Amends will only impact workflows from that point forward, it will not change any of the workflows created previously. 

Step 4.1. Click on the edit icon 

Step 4.2. A red ribbon will appear informing the user the template cannot be edited

Step 4.3 Select 'create new version'

Step 5. The template has now been reopened and is available to edit. The version number will increase from 1 to 2

Step 6. The template will need approved following any amends

Step 6.1. If a template is not approved the most recent version will continue to be used

Step 7. There can be several different templates for different styles of projects. These will appear in the template list

Step 8. Template list filters are available for quick find

Step 9. Templates can be deleted or duplicated