Step 1.  In the template list select the relevant template for the new project

Step 1.1. Template list is the first screen when workflow manager is opened

Step 1.2.  If there are several templates, filter options are available

Step 2. Move to the template you wish to use for the new project

Step 2.1. The view workflow option will open a project list already created using that template

Step 2.2. Record new will create a new project, when selected a new window will open

Step 3. The user will then need to add the project information

Step 3.1. Name*

Step 3.2. Description – this is a non-mandatory field

Step 3.3. Launch Date (if a launch date is not entered, it can be added later in the process via the ‘edit details’ section

Step 3.4. Custom Fields (if created and set as active)

Step 3.5. Product Source: existing product, new product, or temporary product

Step 3.6. Select generate