Step 1. When several workflow projects have been created using an approved template, they will be displayed as per below

Step 2. Projects which are no longer live can be archived. Select the project and click on ‘set as not in use’. This will hide the project from view. There is an additional filter option for this called ‘In use’. By selecting no, it will display all the projects which have been archived. 

Step 3. Selecting the ‘LOAD’ button will open the project and give an overview of the steps to be completed.

Step 3.1. A new window will open. There are two tabs, workflow details and workflow notes

Step 3.2. The edit details option will allow the user to change the project name, launch date, description and custom fields answers if required

Step 4. In the lower half of the screen the project steps are listed

Step 4.1. It details if a step has been started/completed with dates provided

Step 4.2. It details the assigned step completer. The black asterisk informs the user their action is required on a particular step

Step 4.3. A status bar displays if a step is not started, in progress, completed or requires review

Step 4.4. The first ‘edit’ button will always be available, however if a prerequisite is setup for the following steps, they will not be available to load until the step prior has been completed.

Step 4.5. By hovering over the edit button will inform the user of what steps must first be completed before starting .

Step 5. Selecting ‘show your steps’ will condense the user view showing the steps which they have been assigned to only.

Step 6. Selecting all or some of the steps and clicking ‘view selected steps will create a PDF detailing all the information captured in each step.