Step 1. Select the edit button. This will open the step in a new tab

Step 2. Select Edit to open the form for user input

Step 2.1. The edit button will only appear for a user who is assigned to complete this step

Step 3. Step notes can be added at the bottom of the page. These will also be visible in the note tab at the top of the page

Step 4. When the some or all the data has been entered select save

Step 4.1. Save progress to return and complete at a later stage

Step 4.2. Save and mark the step as fully complete

Step 4.3. Save and exit the step

Step 5. To return to the step list select the workflow details tab at the top of the page

Step 6. A red box will be visible for the step which has just been opened and the step tab will also be open at the top of the page

Step 6.1. Select the red close button to close this step.

Step 7. If a step required approval the status bar will update

Step 7.1. The assigned step approver will receive an email notification at this point to inform them their action is required 

Step 7.2. They will be required to load the step, review the data entered and either approve or reject

Step 8. Once the step has been approved the next step will then be available to load and complete (is a prerequisite has been assigned).

Step 9. Each step must be completed by the assigned completer and approved (if required) by the assigned approver in order to complete the full project workflow.

Step 10. If a new version of the form needs to be completed (such as several factory trials). Open the step and select the version button and ‘new version’. This will copy all the detail in the form and changes can be made. 

Step 10.1. A full version history will be available. 

Step 10.2. The most recent version will always be visible