Step 1Gantt chat will give an overview of the project status of both expected and actual timeline

Step 2. The progress bar will give an update as to the time left to complete              

Step 3. Forms can export to PDF if required, the user can select this icon which will display a new window

Step 3.1. Select if a header is required

Step 3.2. Include logo (a logo can only be added if a header is added)

Step 3.3. Include empty fields

Step 3.4. Export the full form, if no you can select the specific sections required for the export

Step 4. Workflow notes can be added at any time. Workflow notes are located at the top of the page in a separate tab 

Step 4.1. Notes can be added based on the overall project or for an individual step

Step 5. When all the steps have been completed and all relevant information added the project workflow is now complete.

Step 6. The completed workflow will then require one final approval (this user will be selected when creating the template)

The NPD process is now complete

Step 7. Workflows can now be paused at any time. When pausing, a reason must be provided. When a workflow is paused no further editing can be completed

Step 8. The status will update to paused

Step 9. To resume, load the project and a blue icon will appear ‘Resume workflow’. A reason and a new launch date will need to be provided.