Step 1. Notification email’s will be received from

Step 2. The workflow name will be in the header as shown (and the email subject line)

Step 3. The step name will be shown (it may be that there are multiple steps that have been triggered at the completion of a previous step, in that instance there will be more steps listed here)

Step 4. The email will also detail if step completion or step approval is required

Step 5. The due date and times are being calculated based on the previous step completion date/time

Step 6. Select ‘Log In’ from the notification email or alternatively visit:

Step 6.1. Follow the steps in relation to logging in

Step 6.2. To quickly and easily get to the workflow select the task from your task list:

Step 7. The user is taken directly to the step within the workflow that requires completion or approval

Step 8. If a user is asked to approve a step, they must review all the information added in the step, then select the approve button, an optional message can be added which will appear in the workflow notes section. Finally select approve.

Step 9. To Reject the step, ensure the status of ‘Requires Review’ is selected, define which previous steps need to be reviewed by showing where to ‘Roll Back to’ add any message and follow by the ‘Reject’ button

Step 10. This will trigger a notification email to any of the completers assigned for the step being rolled back to.

Step 11. The message added will be able to be viewed in the workflow notes and will also be included in the notification email notifications refer to the email triggers which will be sent to completers and step approvers.