Step 1. Custom fields can be added if required. They will appear at the top of the template form in the third tab.

Step 2. A maximum of 3 custom fields can be added

Step 3. Provide customer field name

Step 4. Select field type: 

- Dropdown option

- Pre-Populated Supplier Drop Down

- Free Text Field

Step 5. Toggle on/off will set the customer fields as active or inactive. If inactive it will not appear anywhere in the workflow. 

Step 6. Set the customer fields to show in list: Yes/No: If selecting yes this will appear in the workflow list page with an added filter option as per image below. If selecting no this customer field will not be visible in the below list

Step 7. Display names can be amended by selecting the edit details button

Step 8. Selecting the ‘edit options’ button will open a new window where category names can be added, deleted, amended or reordered. These are the drop-down options. 

Step 9. When complete select add/update categories the select save changes.