Step 1. Navigate to Supplier Approval > Supplier Document Manager

Step 2. Navigate to Template Manager then select Add Form Template to create New Document Template.

Step 3. Complete the Template Name then Save Title next, Add New Section


Sections of the template can be added at this stage or if preferred, after you have saved a few Template Names.

Step 4. A dialog box will appear. Complete the required fields.

Step 4.1. Section Name = Name of the section e.g. title/page/category/species

Step 4.2. Page Break After = If you want to page break at the end of the section

Step 4.3. Expand/Collapse = If you want the section to be visible or only when you click expand/collapse

Step 4.4. Intro Text = E.g. 

Step 4.5. Label = Sub-section or questions (if you are building a questionnaire base document)

Step 4.6. Type = Corresponding text to Label or format of respond e.g. selection from dropdown box, checkboxes, fill in the blank or sub-heading with just a comment to provide information.

Step 4.7. Hide Label = If you want the section/question to be visible

Then click, Add Section.  

Step 5. This will bring you to a new dialog box where you can perform the following:

Step 5.1. Add New = to add new Section or Standard Field or Preset Field 

At this point you can also

- Reorder = reorder Sections or Fields 

- Quick add Labels in the Section 

- Make a duplicate of the section

- Edit Section 

- Edit Label 

Step 6. Click Back you will then be prompted to the main page of Template Manager. On this page, you can do the following:

Step 6.1. Add Form Template = to add a new form template

Step 6.2. Delist Selected = to set a template inactive

Step 6.3. Activate Selected = to revert inactive template

Step 6.4. Duplicate Template = to duplicate a template for a new template

Step 6.5. Preview = to preview a template

Step 6.6. Update = to make amends or edit a template

Step 6.7. Edit History = to view history of things done on the template

Step 6.8. Setting = to set sign off requirements of the template