Step 1. Navigate to Supplier Approval > Supplier Document Manager > Select Document

Step 2. Navigate to Menu > Share Document 

Step 3. Select or Search for Supplier

-Using Filter – Supplier Type, Supplier Sub Type, State, Status, Show Existing Shares or Supplied Via


-Scroll down Supplier list in alphabetical order

Step 3.1. Select Supplier/s using the checkboxes, Then click Next Step

Step 4. Complete Fields, ensure to emend user > Send to Recipient

Step 4.1. Requires Sign Off = Sign Off by recipient is mandatory

Step 4.2. Sign Off Required by = Set a date sign off by recipient is required

Step 4.3. Signed Off Frequency = Set a frequency signed off is required by. An automatic notification will be sent based on the frequency.

Step 4.4. Declaration = You can customise the declaration provided by the recipient

Step 4.5. Receive Sign Off Notification Email = Yes or No

Step 4.6. Message to Include with Email = Insert additional message to the recipient with the email

Step 5. Recipient will receive email notification and task.