Step 1: Select Add new 

Step 2: Now you are on the setup details of that specific questionnaire

Step 3: Once complete select Save & edit Questionnaire

Step 4: Build your check using the form builder to suit your needs. To add a new section select Add New Section. 

Step 5: Add your section name and any intro text and then select Add Section

New Section looks like this below

Step 6: To add a new field or question select Add New – Standard Field

Step 7: Now add in the details of the question & how you want it answered using the field types. 

Step 8: Once done select Add Field

New Field looks like this below

Step 9: To be able to use Scoring on the questionnaire repeat the same steps up to Step 7 but in the Field, Type choose a weighted dropdown. Add in the answer and the points that the answer is worth and select Add

Step 10: Repeat steps to build up your check using the various field types available to you.