Step 1: Sign into Foods Connected and select Trading & Planning then select Forecasts.

Step 2: Update the Forecast by selecting View/Edit


Step 3: Adjust the Display From and Display To dates to the date range you wish to upload the forecast for. In the Display dropdown select the increments you would like to upload the forecast in, then select Update.


Step 4: Download the blank import sheet by selecting Import Forecasts and Select From Import Sheet. 

Step 5: In the exported spreadsheet input the article code in the first column, then on the date headed columns add in the forecasted kg.



Step 6: Once the forecast spreadsheet is complete, select import forecast the From Import Sheet. Select Choose File to select excel file. Update Re-Open Forecast Confirmations toggle to Yes, this will notify suppliers that the forecast has been updated. For the Due Date select the date which suppliers are required to respond to the forecast by and select Import.