A snapshot report, is a quick report based on questions within the check over all suppliers or specific ones. 

Step 1: In the supplier check tool select the options button beside the check, then choose Completed Snapshot Report

Step 2: Choose All Current Suppliers or Filtered Supplier selection

Step 3: if you select Filtered supplier selection, then choose the suppliers. Once done select Next

Step 4: Now you select from the details below the parameters for your report

Step 5: Once you have chosen your parameters for the report select Next

Step 6: Your report will show like this below

Step 7: From the report you can create a dashboard widget by selecting Create Dashboard Widget. Please see that guide for setup. You can also export to PDF here too. 

Step 8: At the top of the page you have further functions

Step 8 cont:

Step 9: You can also save the report by selecting Save Report

Step 10: Then name the report, select the site it relates too & who can access it. Once done select Save As, then New Report. 

Step 11: Your report is now saved, and you can find that in the reports tab in the Supplier Check Manager