Step 1: Select Quality Management tab and select Specification Manager. Select the Admin tab, selecting General Admin.

Step 2: The External Approval section allows you to set the sign off declaration that your customers and suppliers will see when you share a specification with them for sign off. If you make changes, make sure to click on Save Settings.

Step 3: Select External Spec Approval to set up approvers for signing off specifications that have been completed by your suppliers. 


Step 4: Click on Add Received Approvers to add new approvers, this will open a window with the approver options:

  • Site – select site for specifications.
  • Specification template - you can set different approvers for different specification templates or leave as ‘All’.
  • Sign off type – if you are selecting more than one approver, the All Selected Users option will force all the selected users to sign off the specification before becoming approver, or the One Selected Users option will update the specification to approved after one user signs off the specification.
  • Approvers applicable to – select whether you want these approvers to be set for previous and future specifications or only future.
  • Users – select the user(s) who will be asked to sign off specifications that match the selected settings.

Step 5: To save click on Add Approvers and these can be deleted by clicking on the button to the right of them.