Step 1 Select Quality Management tab and select Specification Manager. Select the Company Specs tab and click on New SpecificationCustomers will see the various options:

Primary Spec – create a specification with no prepopulated information specifications or complete specific fields to populate information required for a Secondary Spec

Secondary Spec – prepopulates information from a Primary Spec that has been created.

Secondary External Spec – prepopulates selected information from external specs.

Upload File - upload specification files into Foods Connected.

Suppliers will only have the option to create a primary spec from customer shared templates.



Step 2: Select your relevant option and then a page will open to set your specification details. Select the specification site, template, and product. The supplier and customer options are not mandatory.


If you are creating a specification in response to a request from your customer, you will select the template and product that your customer shared with you through the system. You can link your own product details to the specification by using the Quick Add Product button.


If you have the auto generate product codes option switched on in your product file settings, when you use the Quick Add Product function, the product code will automatically generate based of the prefix and seed you have set.

Step 3: Click on Save & Build Specification to open the template, fill in your specification details using the Save button to save your progress.