When saving a specification, a pop-up window will open asking you to review the specification status, you can click on the Close / Leave as Current Status button until you are ready to change the status.


 Step 1: From the Company Specs page, click on the menu button to the right of the specification you would like to update the status for and select Update Status.


You have various status options:

  • Completed & Approved – you can select this if no approvers are set up or you are an approver, and this will set the specification as approved.

A Specification can only be marked as Completed & Approved when all mandatory fields have been complete

  • Approval Required – if you are not an approver, you can set the specification to this status to notify the approver(s) that the specification requires approval.
  • Requires Review / Internal Review – these statuses can be used when the specification has not been approved yet.

Step 2: Select the relevant status and click on Update Status to save it.