Specifications can only be shared when they have a status of Completed & Approved.

Step 1: From the Company Specs page, click on the menu button to the right of the specification you would like to share and select Share Specification.


When sharing more than one specification, you can tick the checkboxes of the relevant specifications and click on the Share button underneath the filters.

 Step 2: A list of your suppliers and customers will show, select the ones you would like to share the specification with and click on Next Step.

Step 3: Select the relevant sign off settings (this frequency set here will determine how often the system prompts the supplier/customer to re-sign off the specification) and the user. 



Step 4: Click on Send to Recipients to share the specifications, the selected user(s) will receive notification from the system, and they will be able to view the shared specification(s) from their account.



Step 5: To review specification shares and sign offs from the Sign Off Review option you will see when clicking on the Company Specs tab. Use the filters and search box to find your suppliers/customers and review what has been shared with them.


Step 6: If you click on the View Shared option beside any of the suppliers/customers, you can see a full list of the specifications shared with them. You also have options for recalling shares, changing who the specification was shared with and extending the sign off date.



If sharing a completed specification back to your customer, you can select the Submit for Approval option from the menu to the right of your specification. This will open a page for you to select which customer user to notify and then you can share it.