Step 1: Select Quality Management tab and select Specification Manager then from the Admin select Ingredients Admin.

Step 2: Click on the Ingredient List button at the top of the page and a page with all the ingredients from your specifications will open.

Step 3: Ingredients can be added/edited/deleted from the Ingredient List tab. If you are adding a new ingredient, you will be able to fill in details about the ingredient including nutritional values.

Step 4: If a supplier has filled in a specification and requested a new ingredient, the Ingredients for Approval tab is where you will find these to review.

Step 5: From the Ingredients for Approval tab, you can approve/decline/merge ingredients. You can use the merge option to merge the new ingredient with another existing ingredient from the database. 

*Where possible it is best to use the merge option for requested ingredients to prevent duplication of ingredients in the database*