Creating a template is a critical step. A template will only need to be built once and can be used for all NPD projects thereafter.

Step 1: Sign in and go to the Workflow Manager under the Quality Management tab

Step 2: Click ‘Add new template’, A new window will open where the template details can be added

Adding Template Details 

Step 1: Select which company site/sites the template will be used in

Step 2: If more than one site is selected there must be a management site and user. This user will be responsible for approving the template when complete

Step 3: Add template title

Step 4: Add template description

Step 5: Select if the product is workflow Y/N

Step 6: If Yes -Select product type and sub type


Step 7: Select which email notifications are required. The best option is to select all as these can be changed at any point

Step 8: If required a ‘Completed Workflow Approver’ can be added.  When an NPD project has been completed this user will be required to review the project and provide one final approval. 

Step 9: Save or Save & Exit. If selecting save, three new tabs will appear at the top of the screen.