Up to 3 custom fields can be added if required, these are added when creating the template.

Step 1: Click on the custom fields tab at the top of the page

Step 2: Select Add field, which will open a new dialogue bow

Step 3: Enter the custom field name

Step 4: Select the fields type (this will be the way the field name is answered), drop down, text fields or a prepopulated supplier drop down.

Step 4.1: If selecting drop down, the drop downs will need to be added by selecting the edit options button which appears:  up to 5 drop downs can be added

Step 5: Show in list Y/N. Typically yes, however if selecting No the custom fields will not appear in the workflow project list view as shown below

Step 6: To amend the custom field select the edit button on the left-hand side

Step 7: Delete any custom fields by select the field and clicking on the red delete icon

Step 7: Custom fields can be turned on or off any at stage using the toggle on/off option