Step 1: In the template list select the template relevant to the new product or project


Step 2: Select ‘record new’ or if viewing workflows select ‘generate from template’, a new dialogue will open


Step 3: Add all the new product information

Step 3.1: Name, Description, Select Relevant site Launch Date (if a launch date is not entered, it can be added/amended later in the process, Custom Fields (if created and set as active), 

Step 3.2: Product Source: existing product, new product, or temporary product

Existing product – add the product name or code and click on magnifying glass.

           This will navigate to the company product file.  Choose the relevant product.

Adding a new product code. There are 2 options when choosing a new product code.

Option 1 – Add new product code and new product name.  Click on generate.  The new product code will save in Company Product File.




Option 2 - Auto generation of product codes with a prefix.   Under the admin settings it is possible to set a prefix as well as numerical sequence.  

Click on Settings. Click on Company Product File. 


Click on Admin.   Auto generate product codes can be toggled Yes if required or No if not.  Add the preferred prefix and number sequence.  The prefix will be applied to  all workflows.  The product number will auto generate sequentially for each new workflow



Temporary codes. Automatic temporary codes can be added, these are system generated in sequential order. Temporary product codes will be saved in the Company Product File.  These can be changed at a later stage of the workflow.