Step 1: When several workflow projects have been created using an approved template, they will be displayed as per below

Step 2: Projects which are no longer live can be archived. Select the project and click on ‘set as not in use’. This will hide the project from view. There is an additional filter option for this called ‘In use’. By selecting no, it will display all the projects which have been archived

Step 3: The site detail has been added on the left-hand side and a filter option for site is also available at the top of the page. This will display the site detail which this template is being used at

Step 4: If the launch date is red this will indicate that the launch date is sooner than the project completion date. 

Step 5: If the current step is green this will indicate the project is on track, if this is red it will highlight the step and potentially the project is running overdue, 


Step 6: There is a status bar giving a project progress update. Hovering on this icon will inform the user of how many steps there are in the project and how many have been completed to date. 


Step 7: Selecting the ‘load’ button will open that project


Step 8: The edit details option will allow the user to change the project name, launch date, description and custom fields answers if required

Step 9: The edit product option will allow the user to amend the raw material of finished product name (this will be stored in the company product file) 


Step 10: In the lower half of the screen the project steps are listed

It details if a step has been started/completed with dates provided

It details the assigned step completer. The black asterisk informs the user their action is required on a step

A status bar displays if a step is not started, in progress, completed or requires review

The first ‘edit’ button will always be available, however if a prerequisite is setup for the following steps, they will not be available to load until the step prior has been completed.

By hovering over the edit button will inform the user of what steps must first be completed before starting 

Selecting ‘show your steps’ will condense the user view showing the steps which they have been assigned to only. 

Selecting all or some of the steps and clicking ‘view selected steps will create a PDF detailing all the information captured in each step. 


Step 11: To open a step which has been locked for editing due to a prerequisite this can be done only by the person who created the project.

              An open icon will be available to this user. 

              To open the step early click on the green icon and a new model will open. 

              A reason must be given for opening the step early

The step will then move to in progress and all emails is set up will work as expected.


Step 12: Select the edit button. This will open the step in a new tab

Step 13: The assigned user will have a blue edit button; they must select this to open the form to add information

Step 14: The blue assign button will only be available to the user who created the project. Only that user will have to option to add new completers & approvers at this stage


Step 15: When some or all the data has been entered select save/exit/complete


Step 16: To return to the step list select the workflow details tab at the top of the page


Step 17: A red close icon will be available to close the step tab


Step 18: Complete the above actions until all the steps in the project have been completed


Step 19: When the project is complete a red banner will appear at the top of the screen and the project can no longer be edited 


Step 20: If a completed workflow approved was added when creating the NPD template, this user must then review the competed project and give the final approval