Step 1: If a step required approval the status bar will update

Step 2: The assigned step approver will receive an email notification at this point to inform them their action is required 

Step 3:  They will be required to load the step, review the data entered and either approve or reject

Step 4: Once the step has been approved the next step will then be available to load and complete (is a prerequisite has been assigned)

Step 5: Each step must be completed by the assigned completer and approved (if required) by the assigned approver to complete the full project workflow

Step 6: If a step is being rejected a reason is mandatory and must be provided. This detail will be logged in the activity log.

Step 7: If the step approver needs more information in order to approve, they step, they have the option to request more information from another user within their company. 

Step 8: Select ‘Request More Info’ at the approval stage, select the user from the drop down list who they would like to consult with, give a response date (non mandatory), and provide a message detailing the extra information required. 

Step 9: An email will be issued to the above-mentioned user if the email notifications have been turned on for ‘request more info’. A task will also be added to their task list on the home page. 

Step 10: When the responding use is viewing the step they will see a ‘Respond’ button, which when select will open a text box enabling then to add their feedback in response to the more info request, 

Step 11: When step 10 has been completed, the step approver will receive a notification to inform them the response has now been provided. The response will be stored in the activity log and in the notes section.