Step 1: Go to Supplier Approval > Customer Tool > Supplier Manager

Step 2: Scroll down to locate the Company Name your supplier contact is based at > proceed to select the View button against your Company Name.
Step 3: Using the Accessible Data drop down list select Company Stock

Step 4: Select the Add Stock Access button to grant your supplier user with stock access.


Step 5: Once the Grant Stock Access box opens, using the drop down lists proceed to select the following details:

Notify User – Select the user name you wish to notify of this access change.
Site(s) – Select the site you would like to expose to the user.
Notify Users / Grant View Access – Select the user name(s) you wish to grant the stock access to.

Step 6: Proceed to select the Grant View Access button.
Step 7: Once the change has been processed the new supplier users should display in the Company Stock screen and when your supplier next logs into the system, they will be able to view Stock Manager.