Step 1: Proceed to Stock Manager > Stock List > select the Export button.
Step 2:
 Update the Current Stock column of the Excel template and save.
Step 3: 
Next, select the Import button.
Step 4: 
The following ‘Import Stock’ box will open > populate the relevant time for the update > then select ‘Choose File’ > s
elect your updated stock on hand Excel file > the Comment box can be used to populate any comments regarding the update > a movement type reason can be selected from the Movement Type drop down list > once completed, select the Import button.



Step 5: Note: Once the request has been made, the supplier must review the Imported Quantities screen before sending. During the review process the supplier will be notified of any trailing products that they have not requested quantities for. There is functionality to re-export to excel 

and update the quantities on any product, a full history of actions on the request are stored. 

Step 6: 
Once the stock update request has been reviewed scroll down to the bottom and select the Send Request button.

Step 7: Once the Hand Stock Request box opens > proceed to select a username from the Recipient drop down list > use the Comment box to add any additional notes > select Send Request.

 Step 8: The system should automatically proceed to the Stock Manager > Stock Update Requests screen where the stock update request should display as Status: Awaiting Response.