Step 1: Ensure you have ‘Admin’ access.

Step 2: Select the Settings toggle > then select User Access – By Tool.

Step 3: Using the Subscription drop down list > select Stock Manager > then using the next drop down list select the relevant Site > select Load User Roles.

Step 4: Select the Grant New User(s) Access button.

Once the User Access Levels box opens, proceed to populate the following fields:

User – select the username(s) you wish to grant access to.
View Access  – using the drop down list select if your user(s) should be able to View their site only, View all sites or View specific sites.

Subscription Roles – select the box where users should be provided access to edit stock levels.

Supplier Type – where the Selected Types Only is selected, a list of supplier types will appear enabling you to set the user up with access to only certain supplier types e.g. abattoirs, distribution centres, cold stores, packaging suppliers. 

Notify user of role change(s) – tick the Email Notification box if the user should be informed via email of these changes.