On this setting is where you actually set specific people to approve different documents depending on their categories. 

Step 1: Staying in the Admin section of the Supplier Document Manager, now select Document Approvers 


Step 2: To add an approver select Add Internal Approvers 

Step 3: From the modal select the Site that this approver relates too. Then choose the Document Category that they can approve. Then choose the actual Document Template. Then select the User or Users as you can have one or more than one person who approves. The document might need to be approved by 2 people or more. 

Step 4: Once done select Add Approvers 

Step 5: Your approvers list will look like this below. 


Step 6: If you need to change or edit one of these approvers select the edit button beside the person. 


Step 7: Then follow the instructions in Step 3 again. 


Step 8: If you want to delete simply select the delete button beside the setting.