First you need to create a blank template in order to hold the information in the document. After you do that you can then copy the information for your document into the template. 

Step 1: Select Template Manager 


Step 2: Select Add Form Template 

Step 3: Input the template name then select Save Title

Step 4: Now select Add New Section 

Step 5: Enter in the section name select Add Section when done


Step 6: The new section will look like this below

Step 6: To add a new field or clause where text can be entered in at the building document stage select Add New – Standard Field

Step 7: Enter in the Field Label name, choose what Section it belongs too, then choose the Field Type this relates to what way you want to enter the document text. Usually Multiple Line text allowing you to add lines & lines of text. Add any help text if necessary, to help guide your suppliers on the point.  



Step 8: Once done select Add Field



Step 9: Your field will now look like this below. 


Step 10: Repeat steps to build up your Document Template until it looks something like this below.