Step 1: Select Add New Point to start creating supplier path points.

Step 2: Complete the detail for the supplier path point and press Save Details. Continue this process for all the supplier path points until complete.

NB. Selecting the supplier type and supplier sub type will limit the suppliers available in the supply chain to the suppliers categorised as the selected from supplier manager.

Step 3: If path points are in the wrong order, they can be rearranged by selecting the reorder points button and dragging the path points to the correct order. Once in the correct order press Done.

Step 4: Completed path points can be edited or deleted by selecting the edit icon or delete button on the right of the path point.

Step 5: Select the Details tab and change the status of the template to In Use and select Save & Exit.

Step 6: Preview the template selection by clicking the icon button and selecting Preview Supplier Selection  This allows you to view what the person completing the supply chain will see and to ensure the correct suppliers fall into the correct path points.

 If the path points are empty or the wrong suppliers are in the path point, then you need to edit the path point and select the corresponding filters for the relevant suppliers.