The incident forms are the forms that the supplier or customer will fill in depending on the status of the ingredient that has been affected. There is 6 forms, 3 for suppliers & 3 for you the customer. The Affected form is activated if the Suppliers ingredient does come from an affected source. The Unaffected form is activated if the Suppliers ingredient does not come from an affected source. And the Pending Investigation form is activated if the Suppliers ingredient is under investigation to determine the source and if it has been affected in any way. The same goes for the Customer forms these are used to inform you the customer when you close out your investigation of the various outcomes of the ingredients.

Step 1: In the Admin section select Incident Forms on the left 

Step 2: As you can see there is 6 forms. If the forms are not setup it will state Requires Setup. To setup the form, select the edit button beside the form. 

Step 3:  Your form will be blank like this. Now begin to create it using the same function as other tools. Select Add New Section. 

Step 4: Enter in section name 

Step 5: The section will look like this below

Step 6: Now add the question or field by selecting Quick Add section Fields

Step 7: Add your questions & areas for information for your suppliers to input here. Once done select Update Section 

Step 8: Your questions and & areas of input for information will look like this. 

Step 9: Now repeat these steps for sections & questions to build up your form, to suit to your business needs & requirements. It may end up looking like this below

Step 10: Repeat these steps to build each of the forms Affected, Unaffected & Pending Investigation