Step 1: Select the button beside the incident, then select Share Incident

Step 2: This page will show you the details again but this time it will include the specification that the ingredient is in & who supplied it. This will allow you to share this incident with the supplier to act on. 

Step 3: You can view the spec by selecting View details

Step 4: The spec opens up for you to view. Close the tab when done.

Step 5: You can also use the filters to narrow the specs should there be more that the search has populated. Once done select Filter to narrow your search.

Step 6: When done select Clear Filters

Step 7: Select the specification that the incident has raised by ticking it, then select Notify Selected Suppliers. 

Step 8: Select the contact to send to, select someone to CC if you want to, set the Response Required By date, add a comment if necessary & when done select Share Incident. 

Step 9: The Share Status reverts to Awaiting Response. The supplier must now respond to the incident and fill in forms.