When you are happy with the response & want to confirm. 

Step 1: Sign in and go to My Tasks, you will see a task You have received a response to an ingredient incident shared. Or you can go to the Incident Manager under Supplier Approval then select Company Incident Shares. Select Respond to Incident 

Step 2: As you can see from the first page of the incident it will tell you if the supply has been Affected, Not affected or Pending Investigation. Not matter what the supplier states you follow the same guidelines to complete or confirm. 

View each page of the incident. 

Page 1

Page 2

Step 3: Once you are happy answer the questions in the confirmation form (which you created for each possible outcome of Affected, Not Affected or Pending Investigation.)  when done select Save & Save & Confirm

Page 3

Or as you can see from here you can also request further info here. Like we have stated in that step above. 

Step 4: The status reverts to Confirmed