Step 1: When the meeting commences, select Update” beside the meeting in your main table.  

Step 2: You are able to update the overview/agenda, add additional attendees or update attachments for the meeting. Then select “Next step”.

Step 3: Beside each section you have “Meeting item” this is where you can fill in your notes of the meeting or an action point that someone will be assigned and can follow up after the meeting.

Step 4: Under “Assigned to” you can assign any actions needed to a particular person  

Step 5: You can select a due date & give your action an order or priorty

Step 6: Once done, click on the plus icon  

Step 7: Keep following these steps to add more items during the course of the meeting


Step 8: Once done, select “Save & Share 

Step 9: This meeting will now appear as ‘In Progress’ under the Company Meetings tab. Any outstanding tasks assigned to users will appear in their ‘My Tasks’ and reminders will be sent to that users to remind them of outstanding tasks that still need to be complete from the meeting.