There are 3 options you can chose from when uploading evidence; upload document, data form & link to item on Foods Connected. You can upload as many types of evidence you want to a single clause to show your compliance.

Step 1: Click the ‘+’ button beside the clause you want to upload evidence to.

Step 2: Document Upload: A Modal will pop up for you to select what evidence you are uploading. If uploading a document, the following modal will show. Fill out the detail and press Save.

Mark as non-applicable: If the clause is not applicable to your site select Yes and fill in the reason why.

Attached Evidence of Compliance: Select Upload Document

Document Name: Name your document

Document Owner: Select the user that is the owner of this document.

Start/End Date: Select when the document starts and expires.

Select Document: Upload the document, picture, or video.

Clause Owner: Select the user that will be the owner of that clause.

Step 2: Data Form: The following modal will show if completing the Data form. NB. This view can change due to the set up of the data form on the customer side.

Fill in the data form that the customer has created and press the Save button. This will attach as evidence to the clause.

Step 3: Link to item on Foods Connected: The following modal will show if linking an existing document on Foods Connected to the clause.

Select the tool you want to link to e.g. document manager and select the item that is available in your document manager.

Select the clause owner and press Save.