Step 1: Sign in and go to the Internal Check Manager under Quality Management then select Admin

Step 2: Select Pre-set Fields and then you can set up questions with standard responses that can be used multiple times within either the same Internal Check or multiple different checks.  Pre-set fields can be categorised, so they can be found more easily when adding a new field. 

Select Manage Categories

Add as many Categories as you need, clicking + Add after each one.  You may have questions that are only relevant to certain departments or teams, and by setting up Categories it makes it easier to manage all your Preset Fields when setting up Internal Check Templates.

Select Add New Preset Field

If you want to add a translation, click on Show Translations….. then Add New Language

Select the language you want from the dropdown menu and select Next

You can either enter the translations to the answers of the question and click Save, or you can select the Translate button and the system will translate the answers for you

Translations for the rest of the Internal Check is discussed within section 2.7 of this guide


Step 3: Select Version Control to select the increment intervals that each new approved Internal Check template version will increase by.  We recommend that you select 1 for each Master template, and 0.1 for each Child template.

Step 4: Select Approval and then select who you want to approve each template when they are built.  This can be done at a site level, and at a template level.  If you select more than 1 user to be an approver, you can select that only 1 or all users need to approve each template.  Select save when done. 

Step 5: Select Departments to add all relevant departments that your Internal Checks will relate to and save when done.  Adding departments supports filtering of Internal Checks, however this will not affect what users are able to view them, it is more for categorisation.