Pre-set fields allow you to create your own set of options or answers to questions so that you don’t have to manually create them each time when building the template. So for this example, say you want to have, Yes, No & N/A as a dropdown option for your users to use. 

Step 1: Go to the Admin section of the Customer complaints manager

Step 2: If there is already Pre-set fields created by your company they will look like this below. This is where they are managed. 

Step 3: To create a new set select Add New Preset Field

Step 4: Give the Pre-set field an Internal description. That is Yes/No/N/A. Then choose the Type of field it will be. 

Step 5: If you have categories setup for these pre-set fields choose the Category it should sit underThen add the pre-set field Options which in this instance are Yes, No, N/A. 

Step 6: If you need to edit or delete an option, choose edit icon or delete icon to do so. 

Step 7: Once done select Add Field 

Step 8: It will look like this in the Standard category

Step 9: To Edit select edit & follow steps above. And to delete simply select Delete