Step 1: Log in to your Foods Connected account 

Step 2: Locate the settings tab in the top right-hand corner 

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Manage Users’ under ‘Company Users, Email & Security’ 

Step 4: Users can be searched for; and filters can also be used as shown below

Step 5: Users can also be unlocked; passwords can be reset, and users can be invited using the buttons as shown below

Step 6: Name of users, their associated site, status, and access roles (Manage Company Profile, Manage Users, Email & Security and Manage Company Documents & Customers) can be viewed.

Step 7: User details can be edited using the ‘Update’ button drop down as noted below.

Step 8: When the ‘Edit User Details’ option is selected the following page appears- it shows name; email address, status and site. Accounts can be unlocked using the ‘Unlock’ button at the far side of ‘Status’. Access levels can also be controlled e.g. Manage Company Profile; the drop down can be used to select the appropriate access level as shown

Users can be removed and/or records can be transferred using the red button in the bottom right corner ‘Remove User/ Transfer Records’. 

Step 9: When ‘Set User Access’ is selected the following page loads; selected users can be searched for using the search bar. Both ‘Company Roles’ and ‘User Access Roles’ per tool can be updated using the grey ‘Update’ button. New user roles can also be added by selecting the ‘Add User Role’ button.

Note Briefly:

Company Approvers (A user with ‘all sites admin’ settings) and Company Site Approvers (A user with ‘their site admin’ setting) can update the site departments of other users. Company Approvers have a full list of site departments whilst Company Site Approvers only show site departments for their site.