Initial setup to be completed for Supplier Manager prior to adding Suppliers and activating the Approval Processes.

Supplier Types allow you to categorise your suppliers, E.g Red Meat, Ingredients, Poultry etc. (Type > Red Meat

Step 1: Supplier Manger, select Admin à General Admin à Optional fields 

Step 2: Set the Company Supplier Type to Active by ticking the Active Box.

Step 3: Select Menu Key to add required Types 

Step 4: Select Add New Categories & add the categories you require. E.g. Red Meat, Ingredients, Poultry. Once complete select Add/Update Categories

Step 5: Next follow the Steps below to add Sub Types this will then enable you to link the Categories & Sub Types like a Parent/Child relationship.


Category à Poultry 

Sub Type à Chicken, Duck, Turkey 

Step 6: Your categories will end up looking like this. At any stage if you need to edit follow the steps above. 

Step 7: Once done select Save Settings