Custom fields allows you to add certain details that are specific to your business. E.g. Region. This should be set up before you begin adding suppliers to allow you to select these when adding a supplier.

Below is how a custom field will look in your Supplier List

Step 1: Go to the Admin section of your Supplier Manager & select General Admin 

Step 2: Select Custom Fields 

Step 3:  On the custom fields page to the right of Category 1 Field – Dropdown. Name the field that will appear in the main Supplier List table (in this example we set it as Region)Then set the field as Active to inable them to appear in the supplier list. Once you complete those steps click on the Menu icon A close up of a device

Description automatically generated to add the required options


Step 4: Select Add new Categories

Step 5: Enter in your options required. Example below the field is Region and the options to select in that field in this example are NSW & WA. 

Step 6: Once you have completed the steps above you can make these columns visible in your Supplier List, go to Visible Columns. Custom Category is now able to be set as active. To the right of that category select the blue square button. 

Step 7: When you click on the expandable dropdown on the right another table opens highlight what columns you want visible on your Supplier List. You can highlight all or certain sites, customisable to what you need. Once done click Save Settings. 

Step 8: You have now completed setting up a custom field in the supplier manager for each. At any stage if you need to edit follow the steps above.