Compliance rules can be set up as part of the approval process for a Supplier or to  monitor your suppliers/supplier types performance on an ongoing basis. E.g. All Documents & Specifications must be signed off, Audits & Complaints responded to & Questionnaires completed. This process is colour coded and allows you to address under preforming Suppliers. Approval Complaince will be triggered when added a new supplier

Note; You can only use the compliance types or tools that you have subscribed too in order to use those as an option for Compliance Rules

Step 1: Select Admin à Compliancy Setup àRules 

Step 2: You can also set a Grace Period  . A Grace Period is a period which a new supplier will be exempt from compliancy rules to allow them time to respond to all requests.

You can also tick the box Compliancy Updates Status to activate when a supplier moves from compliant to non-compliant their status will automatically update to Requires Review and When a supplier moves from non-compliant to compliant their status will automatically update to Approved    


Step 3: Select Add Compliance Rule

Step 4: Select which Site you want to set the compliance rulesThen give a Description of the rule. Then select Rule Type as StandardThis means the rule type relates to the ongoing compliance rule.

Step 5: You can set these rules to certain suppliers or all suppliers by selecting the Select Suppliers tab. This allows you to customise & tailor the compliance rules to specific suppliers. 

Step 6: Select Save once completed. 

Step 7: Select the Supplier Type this rule is used for by ticking the boxes

Step 8: Scroll down to Supplier Status and choose the status. This is when the actual compliancy rules will kick in. Usually you would deselect Delisted as when a supplier is delisted the rules would not be required. 

Step 9: Then scroll down and activate what the suppliers need to be compliant on. You can choose as many as you need for your own business requirements. For Example if you select questionnaires you can also set which questionnaires are applicable for this supplier Type.

You can only use the compliance types which are tools on Foods Connected that you have subscribed too. So if you haven’t subscribed to Supplier Document Manager you can use Document Shares as part of the compliance rules. 

Step 10: Once you select a compliance if available a tab will appear to allow you to choose options suitable for the Supplier Type. 

Step 11: Select the questionnaires that you want to be part of the compliance rules that you want them to complete for that supplier or supplier type and select Save when done

Step 12: Follow these steps for any of the other rules