Step 1: Select Admin àSupplier Approval Admin à New Suppliers 

Step 2: Under Required RFI Questionnaire select the status that you want to have this set for Active or Inactive

Step 3: Select Group Technical User from dropdown

Step 4: Select the Default Approval Status

Step 5: Select Force Add group 

If you are managing suppliers across multiple sites, this function allows you ensure all suppliers are linked to group and can be viewed in an overall list 


Step 6: Select Compliancy Override if needed. 

If that's ticked then the supplier can be approved even if they aren't compliant to everything set in their relevant compliancy rule, normally the supplier will only become automatically approved when they are all green but this option makes an approve button appear. 

Step 7: Select CC Notifications Enabled to allow supplier approval notifications to be sent to other colleagues

Step 8: Select Active to turn on or Off the Supplier Approval Process