After setup is complete the next step is to add your Suppliers to your Supplier List. 


Step 1: Go to the Supplier Manager under the Supplier Approval Tab select Supplier List 

Step 2: Select Add New 

Step 3: Type in your supplier name & select Search. 

NOTE: It is good practice to search for part name as well as different spelling in case it might already be in the database. 

Step 4: If the supplier is currently on Foods Connected it will appear in the list to select, if the supplier is not in the database it will give you the option to request a new supplier. This request will go to the Foods Connected Support team for review & approval.

Step 5: If supplier is not there select Add New Company as Supplier 

Step 6: Add the Supplier details and select Request Supplier, this will then go for approval to Foods Connected support team and you will be notified when the supplier has been approved.