1. From the supplier list in the Supplier Manager, click on Add New.
  2. Search for your supplier, if they don’t appear in the list click on ‘Can't find the company you're looking for?’ at the bottom of the page, and request for the new supplier to be approved.
  3. Select the supplier site(s) you would like to add on, select the supplier types and select your company as the associated site.
  4. If they supply through an agent select this company in the ‘Supplied Via’ dropdown (the agent will need to already exist in the supplier list).
  5. If contacts for this supplier already exist on the system, they will show in the dropdowns, otherwise you can input the details for new supplier contacts in the ‘Contacts’ field.
  6. Always select the lead site because this is what governs the compliancy for the supplier and the approver will automatically be selected based on the supplier type you chose.
  7. Input a reason for your request for the approver to review and select the approved customer/species. 
  8. Once you are happy with what you have selected, click on Request Supplier. You will receive email notifications when updates are made in the approval process.