Step 1: From your supplier list in the Supplier Manager, click on the View button beside the supplier whose details you want to view.

Step 2: The supplier’s profile will open, and you’ll be able to see their full details including their active contacts on FC and what data they currently have on the system.

Associated Sites: Are the sites of your company that are related to this supplier 

Supplier Data: Is the quick view of all the completed data and forms for the supplier without having to go into each tool and search 

Location: The location of the supplier on a map 

Compliancy: The compliancy status of the supplier for ongoing approval 

Contacts: A list of active supplier contacts 

Notes: Any specific notes you want to hold on the supplier

Accessible data: Is where you can share products, templates & Supplier lists with your suppliers to allow them to use on your companies behalf 

Data Forms: Data forms is further forms you might want to create to hold info on your suppliers