1.From the Document Summary page, click on the View button beside the supplier you want to request the document from.

2.The Supplier Document Search page will open, click on Add Required Document then Add Required Document.

3.A pop-up window will open, select applicable site and select which document type you’d like to request (if the document you require is not available request from the FC support team).

4.Input a comment if desired, keep the mandatory and must have an expiry date fields as ‘Yes’ because this is what powers the automatic notifications when a document expires.

5.Select a required by date and who you want to request the document from. If the person doesn’t exist on the list, scroll to the bottom of the dropdown list and there is an ‘email address’ option where you can input the person’s email address and they’ll receive the request and be invited to join Foods Connected. 

6.When you are happy with your selections, click on Add Required Document and the user will receive a notification through the system.