Step 1: Sign in and go to Product Check Manager under Quality Management

Step 2: Select Add New

Step 3: This is where you setup the details for that Product Check

Note that when details are added in this screen there may be different options that then require populating (see examples below)

Step 4: The Check also allows for a PRODUCT CHECK to be Auto Shared. This function allows for Product Checks to be automatically shared upon Completion. 

Step 5: Once done above select Save & edit then select Product Check Template

Step 6: Build your check using the form builder to suit your needs. To add a new section select Add New Section. 

New Section looks like this below

Step 7: To add a new field or question select Add New – Standard Field

Step 8: Now add in the details of the question & how you want it answered using the field types. 

Step 9: Once done select Add Field

New Field looks like this below

Step 10: Repeat steps to build up your check

Step 11: Product Check Scoring. Edit Product Check Template.