Step 1: Select the Product Check Manager template you want to do a report on, then select Completed Snapshot Report

Step 2: Select all current suppliers for the report 

Or filter your suppliers & choose. The select Next when done


Step 3: Then select all current Supplier

Or filter your products & choose. Then select Next

Step 4: Now choose the parameters of your report. As you can see there are many to use to create a custom report. Once done select Next

Step 5: If you have chosen to filter your report this option will show below, choose which you would like to filter by the select Generate Report


Step 6: Your report will show like this below, you can amend several parameters of the report by selecting Amend Parameters.


Step 7: To save the report in the Product manager select Save Report


Step 8: Name the report, select the site & the access level. Once done select Save As, then New Report